New iPhone rumored to be released Autumn 2012


I’ll be breaking this article up into 4 parts to help you make more sense of it. 


Last year we saw Apple release the iPhone 4S in October, making it the first time that Apple had released a new handset in the Autumn season. Now rumors are flying around that Apple will once again select this timeframe for the release of the next iPhone. Apple is supposedly aiming for a September or October launch of its new iPhone, a timeframe that many believe Apple will continue to use for the coming years. In addition, some have heard from a supplier that has previously given parts to Apple for its iPhone and Apple’s current order schedule points to a September launch. 



Rumored Features:

– A larger display (possibly 4 inches) 

– Faster Processor (Dual-core A5/A6) 

– Improved Cameras 

– 4G LTE 

– New version of iOS? (or will that come with the launch of the iPad next month?) 


What I would like to see in the next iPhone: 

– A faster processor 

– 4G LTE 

– A total re-haul of iOS. Apple’s mobile operating system has looked almost identical to the version found on the original iPhone, and, in my opinion, thats not acceptable. For instance, Android has gone through many design changes since its release in 2008. In the next version of iOS, I’d like to see more customizability, a different implementation of multitasking and a total re-haul. 


Conclusion: To sum it up, the iPhone should be released some time in Autumn 2012. Apple’s latest handset should include a larger display, a faster processor, an improved camera, 4G LTE, and a new version of iOS.


What would you like to see in the next iPhone? 




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