[Leaked] Maxis Galaxy SIII Promotion

Maxis Samsung Galaxy SIII Promo Banner

Source: Lowyat.Net

Surprise, surprise! Looks’s like Maxis is going to offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 after all. This poster was leaked online today with the promo period slated for 31 May- 3 June. This leads us to believe it may be fake because Maxis hasnt made any official announcements even though it starts tomorrow. Nevertheless, the banner looks extremely legit and the pricing is as predicted.

The offer states that Maxis users can get the Nature Inspired smartphone for a cool RM999 on a 3GB plan at RM68 per month for 24 months which is aligned somewhat with the DiGi Smart Plan 88 deal. , it comes with 25GB of LOKER storage, coupled with the 50GB DROPBOX storage offered by Samsung. That’s a whopping 75GB of cloud storage in your hands, plus the Galaxy S3 is expandable up to 32GB of SD storage. 100GB of storage isn’t too shabby, event for the heaviest of users. For postpaid customers who have been with Maxis for less than a year, you will need an advance payment of RM900 and that amount will be credited back to your account immediately.  Curiously , there only seems to be a white option which adds more weight to the rumour of the Pebble Blue S3 having manufacturing issues.

As always stay tuned for more info and official announcements!


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