U Mobile Unveils Dual Sim HTC Desire V

HTC Desire V U Mobile

In the middle of all the Galaxy S3 hoohah, U Mobile has quietly added the HTC Desire V to its repetoir of devices. The Desire V is a dual -sim  Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device which is powered by a 1Ghz single core processor with 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage,also expandable via external storage. It has an 800×480 WVGA 4 inch screen. It’s got a 5MP shooter at the back and Beats Audio enhancement. A 1650mAh battery juices the Desire V.

Don’t get confused with the Desire C, which has similar specs but is single SIM and only has a 3.2″ display. Compared to the ONE V on the other hand , this phone is actually better judging from its specs. It’s screen size is bigger than the One V at 3.8″ albeit costing RM100 more off contract.

U Mobile is offering this device from as low as RM499 with its U88 plan. For more info check out U Mobile’s site here. Keep it locked on CrackTech!


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