1.3m premises to be UniFi-ready by year-end


Kuala Lumpur – Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) aims to expand its UniFi high-speed fibre optic broadband coverage to 1.3 million premise passes by year-end in an effort to provide better services to customers.

Currently, the telecommunication giant has 1.2 million premise passes and 320,000 customers nationwide.

A premise is passed/covered when the shared network and service elements are installed, accepted, commissioned and ready for service which then enables an end user to order and purchase a broadband service.

Chief executive officer Datuk Zamzairani Mohd Isa said the effort was inline with the company’s aspiration of making 2012 the year for customers’ experience.

“Customers’ experience means the total experience customers have when they deal with TM. Its not just about the service quality but about the total experience,” he told Bernama.

He said among the efforts put in place, aside from expanding UniFi’s network coverage, was the transformation of its frontline touch point such as TMpoint (the one-stop centre), call centres and also technicians that deal with customers directly.

“We started with our TMpoint. What we have done is that we have transformed TMpoint today to be more vibrant,” he said.

He said currently 40 TMpoints have undergone transformation and about 60 TMpoints nationwide were in the process of transformation.

Among key initiatives undertaken to enhance customers experience include improved quality of services from end-to-end, operational perfection initiative and operational performance in a holistic end-to-end manner and strengthening direct channels.

The company also focused on customer centricity which further emphasised  the headline key performance indicator which measured customer satisfaction, he said.

For the business community, he said the company will add Hypp.TV, the  Internet protocol television service, into UniFi’s business package in July to add more value to existing services.

He hoped the added service would drive more businesses to use UniFi’s service.

– Bernama


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