Apple unveils iOS 6 at WWDC, launch apps with Siri, Facebook integration, Maps

Apple unveils iOS 6 at WWDC, launch apps with Siri, Facebook integration, Maps

Looks like they didn’t print the banner out for nothing — as anticipated, it’s not just refreshed MacBook Airs or Mountain Lion getting the red carpet treatment at today’s World Wide Developer’s Conferencekeynote. Cupertino has also taken the shiny cling wrap off of the latest version of iOS. What’s new? Well at least 200 things! Most notably, Siri has gotten a little make over, including the ability to launch apps, more knowledge of sports, restaurants and movie times, it’s also coming to iPad. There’s better Facebook integration too, with photos, websites, maps and more getting the instant share option — you can even “like” or share app from the Appstore. Other tweaks on the phone side of things let you dismiss incoming calls with a swipe, or send a pre-written SMS, even set it to give you a reminder once you change location.

Another popular feature will be “Do Not Disturb” which holds off all those notifications (from your new Facebook friends, we guess). You’ll still get them, but the won’t alert, or light up the screen. Face-timers will also be pleased to see that feature finally working over cellular. Sharing images also just got easier with shared Photo Streams — choose the pictures, choose the friends. Done. New “Guided Access” allows parents or teachers (for example) to keep users from exiting an app accidentally (or in the case of the teachers — intentionally!). More info and PR after the break.

As we’d already been speculating, Apple has developed its own maps app, with more than 100 million businesses already integrated. There will be live traffic information (sourced in real-time anonymously from iOS users) and turn-by-turn navigation in the works. Directions will be visible from the lock screen, and you can — of course — use Siri to get them. There are vector-based 3D maps (just like Google‘s) when you zoom in close,

Wondering if and when you can get these features? Well, it’s supported by iPhone 3GS and upwards, that includes the second and third generation iPads, plus fourth-gen iPod touches. Beta is going out today, with a full release in the fall.



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