Siri Will Be in Your New Car Soon



Word on the street is that Apple is conspiring with several automakers to put Siri inside your next car. Toyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Audi and more manufacturers have all partnered with Tim Cook and company to make this happen. The proposed technology will be integrated into the car’s steering wheel with a designated Siri button to summon her to your beck and call. This is expected to go down within a year’s time.


2 thoughts on “Siri Will Be in Your New Car Soon

  1. Hi
    This is going to be as good at it seems :). With Apple Inc on the top most place in the line of competitors, it would be easy to drive while texting and calling and no one would have to face accidents as well :).
    Siri- for those who do not know- is a device that will be attached to the steering of the car and you can text and call easily by just asking it to do so. 🙂

    Nice post and it will be good if I can guide more people to read your post 🙂



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