It looks like Samsung is looking to jump onto the social network bandwagon with the rather unimaginatively codenamed “Samsung Facebook”. Slated for release early next year, Samsung is looking to go toe to toe with the juggernaut that is Facebook on a variety of internet enabled devices like cameras, TV’s and BluRay players. The Samsung Social Network will probably be built on top of Amazon’s cloud computing platform and it should be available come Q1 2013 at the earliest.

What do you think about this? Granted if the integration is good enough into Samsung’s plethora of devices, it might stand just over a snowflake’s chance in hell, but as it is, how do you convince people on Facebook to jump over to the Samsung Facebook? Let’s be honest, does anyone ACTUALLY use ChatOn? Even the most recent entity that tried to slay Facebook, Google+ doesn’t have the traction it wanted out of the gate and it’s already a year in!

Good luck Samsung.


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