[Leaked] First BlackBerry 10 device leaks: Touchscreen L-series and QWERTY N-series

Details emerge of first BlackBerry 10 devices touchscreen L and QWERTY N series

With RIM already giving a glimpse of what’s to come with the future of their platform with Blackberry 10, everyone’s mouth’s been watering to see what RIM has devices RIM has to offer with BB10. According to reputable site N4BB, RIM has two models in store – the fully touchscreen L-Series and Blackberry’s trademark QWERTY bearing models, the N-series.

The L-series models will sport a 1280 x 720 HD OLED screen , which cranks out 350 pixels per inch, beating your Retina sporting friends. The N – series is for all the BlackBerry fans who can never move away from their trademark QWERTY keyboard, which we admit , is still the best compared to any other brands. Originally leaked with the codename Nevada , the N models sport 720 x 720 displays instead , which still manages to beat the Retina display at 330 ppi. Very impressive from RIM , and judging from the resolution , the N series wil have square displays, instead of rectangular ones. N4BB’s sources state that the L – series will hit store shelves in September first, followed by the N series which is expected to be launched sometime in Q1 2013.

Although some may argue that this time frame is bad for marketing, we personally feel there’s no problem with the proposed launch window. The L series may raise some eyebrows as it faces stiff competition from the likes of Android and even iOS. But the N actually doesn’t have any direct competition. Anybody looking for a solid QWERTY device will never deny the fruit-named device. Stay tuned to CrackTech for the latest updates.


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