Nexus 7 Tablet : Specs, Price and Availability in Malaysia

Google’s day one conference at I/O was arguably the best conference from the search giant. There were a ton of announcements, all giving glimpses of Android’s future and where it’s headed to. Android 4.1 , the Nexus 7 and Q , and Project Glass were highlights of the show. But what stole the show was definitely the Nexus 7. The fruit of Google’s partnership with Taiwanese manufacturer Asus was unveiled, an certainly whetted many appetites. Google was in the tablet market, and with the best slate for the job. A sub-$200 pricing and flagship specs make this purchase a no brainer. You woudn’t even consider Amazon’s Kindle Fire, with the Nexus beating the Fire in every way possible , except one – content. So what exactly is so great about the Nexus 7? When is it going to be available in Malaysia ,and for how much? Read on to find out.

Specifications and Hardware

As you can see from the pic above, the Nexus 7 has some very eye catching features, some only available to flagship tablets like the Transformer Prime, which also costs RM1000 more. It’s a miracle how Google and Asus managed to keep costs down in spite of the specs. The Nexus 7 is a buttonless tablet has a 7″ 1280 x 800 HD display , that’s strengthened by Gorilla Glass. It runs on a quad – core Tegra 3 CPU , clocked at 1.2Ghz but it can upscale to 1.3Ghz anytime paired with its 12 – core GPU which proved to boost this tablet’s gaming performance dramatically in the demo. There’s no back- facing camera, but there’s a front facing 1.2 MP one. The Nexus also comes with the standard slew of sensors and of course NFC. The highlight of this tablet that sets it apart from every Android device available, is that it comes with Android’s latest version, Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean brings a lot of new and much wanted features to the table. Among the new features is a new search , Google Now, new Maps features , auto resizing widgets and finally , Android is going to be silky smooth with the introduction of Project Butter. The tablet is also being branded a Google Play tablet, with all Play’s services integrated very well with the OS. Magazines, Books, Games, Apps, Music and Chrome are all readily accessible and offer robust features.

Pricing and Availabilty

After looking at the specs, you’d sure to be looking at a RM1500 – 1800 ( $400-500) pricing for the slate. Well, you were wrong. Google has set the price of the tablet at $199 ( RM 600 ) for the 8GB version and $249 ( RM 780 ) for the 16GB version. That’s incredibly cheap and more than half the price of the cheapest iPad 3 model available. Which also brings us to the availability of the tablet itself. Google is already taking pre-orders for the tablet in its own Google Play Store, and is expected to ship the Nexus sometime mid – July. It’s unfortunate that the Play Store isn’t available in Malaysia currently. However , Google have assured us that the Nexus would be sold in other stores around the world, with Google absorbing marketing costs. When that will reach Malaysia, we don’t know . But ASUS is an Asian company, and they have been quick with Transformer launches here. We have reason to believe that ASUS will push the Nexus sales in Malaysia, and expect it to arrive here around August – September. We have reached out to ASUS on the matter of availability and will let you know when we have confirmation.

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