VLC Beta Now Available for Android in Google Play

VLC for Android banner


VLC, arguably the most popular multi-format multimedia player available for PCs, finally makes it debut on Android in beta form today. The free application can be downloaded now via Google Play, as long as you have an Android handset with an ARMv7 processor that the supports the NEON engine.

Thankfully, most Android handsets fall into that category, but for those that don’t, VLC’s developers, VideoLAN, have promised that additional apps which support a wide range of smartphones and tablets will be released in the future. And you shouldn’t feel too disappointed if your device isn’t yet supported, because this particular release is only good for testing anyway.

According to VideoLAN, this is an unstable beta that is likely to crash, and may even kill your kitten, apparently. The app’s description reads:

This is a BETA version of the port to the Android™ platform. It is intended for power users and hackers. This version is NOT stable and is slower than the final version.

It might kill your kitten, destroy your house and start the mayan apocalypse.
Use it at your own risk. Have Fun! :)

Despite those warnings, anyone who uses VLC on their computer will likely want to try it out.


Google Play link: VLC Beta


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