Android 4.1 Jelly Bean source code added to AOSP, OEM’s and devs get cracking

Finally the moment all devs at XDA and OEMS alike have been waiting for, Android 4.1 Source Code. Android Open Source Project ( AOSP ) lead Jean – Baptiste Queru has announced that Google have dropped the code today. The initial release covers the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus, with the Nexus S and Motorola Xoom sources to be released soon. As always, renowned custom rom makers like CyanogenMOD can finally get started on Cyanogenmod 10. Hit the link to find out more about the details and find out how you can get started on your very own AOSP project.


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Malaysian Tech Geek and Whizz. Love technology! Im an Android Developer and try to be an iOS dev too. Im the founder of CrackTech ! Feel free to email me anytime about anything! Oh and follow me as well :D

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