10 iOS Only Games

It’s about time to download some awesome new and all-time-favorite games from the App Store! Well, we have even more cool ones in store for you below. What’s more exciting about this is that these are the iOS-exclusive games that can only be found on the Apple platform (at least for now). So, if you just got a new iOS device and you wanna show your friends some cool games, this is it.


This awesome 5 star game earned our top spot! Help Snoticles battle against Blots, a weird-slimey-looking enemy. Each Snoticles has its own unique ability, and solve each game with Angry Birds-like mechanics! Super addictive! The new update comes with more than 50 levels to play along the ride!



Looking for a Pokémon fix on iPhone? There you go. Train your monster, finish the mission and earn perks and achievements as you go! Even capture some wild ones as you dive in the adventure. Feed, pat and treat your monster as if it was your real pet! If you haven’t read our review, make sure you do!

Home Sheep Home 2

I find it amusing when Chillingo (the parent company of Angry Birds) didn’t release this game on other platform. Nevertheless, if you happen to watch and love Shaun the Sheep on Disney Channel, you’ll love this game. Join Shaun and his friends as they journey along 40 levels of caverns, and evade the guards! Use each sheep’s unique abilities at its potential to win!

Tap The Frog 2

Following the success of the original Tap The Frog, version 2 contains loads of exciting new challenges. Help him rise through the ranks to become a Frog King, and possibly earned his sweetheart (aww). Simply make the frog jump, paint, and pop each mission and bash away your thumbs and fingers! Even replay each level as many times as you’d like to get more stars! Addictive!

Batman Arkham City Lockdown

While not exactly new, each update delivers truckloads of new stuff you should put your hands on. Using the same engine that brought you Infinity Blade II, fight the enemies along the way with simple swipe, dodge, jumps and defends completely similar to the original Unreal iOS game! Choose from several Batman skins and powerups to achieve maximum pleasure!

Woody Woodpecker

Just don’t get annoyed by its voice, brace yourself for the hilarious racing game of all time! Pick among 5 Woody Woodpecker characters, ride those slopes, and gain momentum with just a tap to produce a rocket-high flying adventure! Each character has their own abilities such as acceleration, top speed and powerups. Very easy game for some minute to kill.

Bike Baron

With over 300 crazy challenges to tackle on, there’s no shortage of fun as you speed up your bike along the ridiculously-looking circuit and earn coins and achievement as you finish each mission! You can even create custom levels and share it with everyone! This is what happens when you put the developers of Minigore and Angry Birds’ composer in the same seat: pure magic!

Rage HD

While there’s a separate SD version of the game, there’s no reason to deny this console-like game in pure HD. This intense first-person shooter puts you in a game show called Mutant Bash TV; as in killing mutants, pick ammos and cash to win. While the level is pretty much limited to Easy, Medium and Hard, there’s no reason not to play this game on your downtime!

The Creeps

An all-time-favorite tower-defense game sets you in the world where there are Creeps living in your closet! Defeat the (weird) things that bump in the night with blasters, glue bottles, flashlights and boomerangs! Now the update comes with boatload of new levels to play, so if you’re into some soft of tower-defense game (in this case, defend the kids’ bed), you’ll love this one.


A hauntingly-beautiful game, oh wait, it’s not a game: it’s an immersive interactive experience, an explorable novel that makes you the character. Help Wilson reconstructing the past via the Dreamscape of his memories, and reveal buried secrets and mysteries along the way. Recommended with a headphones on, solve each piece thoughtfully as you progresses the game. [Not recommended for iPod touch, iPhone 3GS, and first generation iPad]



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