[RUMOURS] Alleged Engineering Sample Photos of iPad Mini and iPhone 5 Leaked

More photographic evidence of the Apple iPad Mini and iPhone 5 streamed in today with the latest from a trusted source of GottaBe Mobile, who obtained a series of exclusive photos from inside the supply chain.

Image source: GottaBe Mobile

According to GottaBe Mobile, the iPad Mini will sport a thinner design that is about two-thirds the size of the third generation iPad. In addition, the tablet appears to have a smaller 19-pin dock connector that the iPhone 5 is alleged to have.

While the current iPad comes with only one speaker, the engineering sample of the iPad Mini is seen with two speakers on either side of the dock connector. Using Photoshop to get a rough gauge of the physical attributes of the iPad Mini, GottaBe Mobile claims that the iPad Mini is about 213.36mm tall and 143.67mm wide.

Image source: GottaBe Mobile

The design of the iPhone 5 will not differ much from that of the iPhone4/4S – it retains the same width but is taller at 120mm. This suggests that Apple is working with a taller, but not wider display. This is in line with what we’ve heard so far about the iPhone 5, that it will be equipped with longer 4-inch display.

On closer inspection, the rear camera on the iPhone 5 seems to be about the same size as that of the iPhone 4S and a microphone can be found between the camera and the flash. There is also separation of lines at the back of the iPhone 5, which could suggest that Apple is coming up with a more advanced antenna design.

The Apple iPad Mini is rumored to be unveiled in October with the price rage of $200-250, while the iPhone 5 is expected to launch this fall.



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