” Let The Hero Out ” At Alienware Game Victorious 2012 Battlegrounds

Dell’s  Alienware announced last Friday, July 20 that it launched an online gaming tournament for the Asia-Pacific region on AlienwareArena.com on July 14. The tournament is bringing together gamers from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, and China.

The tournament is called the “Alienware Game Victorious 2012 Battlegrounds” and will feature several game titles including DOTA 2, Dragon Nest, FIFA Online 2, League of Legend, and Team Fortress 2. All games will have an online Open League category, though DOTA 2 will be divided into a special invitational online Elite League, as well as an Open League.

Top teams from each game will qualify for the Malaysia-Singapore Region Finals that will happen from September to October where an overall champion will be crowned. A cash pool of $23,000  will be awarded to the top performing teams.

DOTA 2 winning teams from Malaysia and Singapore will also earn the chance to represent their countries at the Asian Cyber Games DOTA 2 Grand Finals that will happen in Kuala Lumpur later this year in December. That upcoming event will have a cash prize of $30,000, with Alienware sponsoring $10,000 worth of travel expenses for the winning team.

For more info please log on to http://www.alienwarearena.com/event/battlegrounds-2012/news/692

Dont miss this golden opportunity to score BIG TIME !!


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