Now that we have more information regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note II, what does the company have to show about its Note 10.1? The 10.1” version of Samsung’s Note device equipped with the company’s very own S Pen and a suite of apps for the stylus recently appeared in a short advertisement, which was uploaded onto YouTube. Currently removed, the video clip seems to be targeted at business users with a collection of versatile tools to simplify their daily tasks.

One of the features showed off is a multi-screen that allows several applications to be displayed on the screen at the same time. I.e. S Note will be located on the left side while the browser occupies the right; you can even grab things from the browser and place it into S Note and have Shape Match straighten up your S Pen doodles.

Specifications wise, Samsung isn’t going to disappoint its fans either, Note 10.1 is touted to come with as much as 2GB of RAM. According to a Korean website, The Brave Post who recently did an unboxing of the device, on top of all the other regular specs that confirms previous leaks, it’s written on the back of the box that it has a whopping 2GB of RAM. Don’t be too happy yet though, the Galaxy S3 also has a 2GB of RAM but only in the Japanese version so Samsung might repeat its history of only giving the premium units to selected countries. Another notable feature is SMS capability, further enhancing its productivity. Note II or Note 10.1, what’s your pick?


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