HTC Incredible S Review

HTC is without a doubt one of the leading lights that has made Android a success. The trouble with being in front, though, is that everybody is out to get you. You have to keep one eye on the competition, and one eye on making sure what you do constantly raises the stakes. This device in an wonderful device, with a bold look.

First Impressions

This thing looks a lot like an iPhone at first glance. It’s textured back plate feels oddly pleasant and not at all “cheap” as I had expected it might.

The 4 main function buttons are hidden from sight when the device is asleep and rather than being physical buttons they actually respond to touches.

Typing is easy in both portrait and landscape modes and the aforementioned buttons actually rotate to match the orientation which I thought was charming. Although the keyboard is not to my expectations, but still it’s very usable.

Responsiveness and Speed

This is easily one of the fastest and most responsive Android devices I have ever used. It’s actually comparable to a Samsung Galaxy S II, which here is over twice the price.

I have tested a variety of apps including those that are fairly physics-heavy without any noticeable lag and all around reasonable load times.


Although I have yet to truly put the battery through its paces, it is holding up surprisingly well. Charged to around 80% roughly 32 hours ago it is now sitting at 36% despite a fair amount of use over that time.

With many apps running in the background like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more, yet the device is still a battery saver.  Overall still it has very good battery life.


At 4-inches, the screen on the Incredible S packs in a respectable 800×480 resolution – standard fare for this generation of smartphones. HTC call the technology used in their latest batch of phones “Super LCD” technology,

which is kinder on battery life than the traditional LCD displays of yesteryear. However, having used both up close, we can say that in terms of colour and contrast, Super LCD is no match for AMOLED, looking paler and more

washed out than the tech now featuring exclusively on Samsung handsets like the Galaxy S2.


The Incredible S has nearly identical specs when compared to the Desire HD, though it tends to score a bit lower in Quadrant, usually around 1400 (the Desire HD scored 1600).

Browsing the web was a solid experience on the Incredible S. Even on long web pages, we didn’t see any checker pattern, probably thanks to the large amount of RAM on the device. The device does not lag and has a smooth User Interface. This is due to all the power produced by the 1GHz Snapdragon chip.


Internal memory is a pitiful 1.1GB, however the HTC Incredible S does come with a 16GB microSD card so you aren’t likely to run out of space any time soon.


Overall there’s nothing inherently wrong with the HTC Incredible S which offers a large screen, the great HTC Sense overlay, oodles of widgets, good battery life and a smart chassis design. The HTC Incredible S is a great phone. Marmite styling aside, it has perhaps the ideal screen size possible in a phone, and nice UI touches abound – its’ HTC at its best. Buttery smooth and predictable, it really makes Android look like a thing of beauty  and that’s no small achievement.

The only thing it lacks is a dual core processor. But other then that it a very good device to get your hand on it.


We would like to thank HTC Malaysia for loaning us this wonderful device. Also our sincere thanks to Ms. Hwei  and Mr.Pau from Roots Asia for helping us to get this device

Stay tuned for more phone reviews only on Crack Tech.




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