Apple Still Crushing Competitors with 69.6% Share of Tablet Market in Q2

New iPad vs. Competiton

Amazon’s Kindle Fire might be a success, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices might be attractive and available in nearly every screen size imaginable, but Apple’s still crushing the global tablet market. A new report from iSuppli found that Apple’s share of the entire tablet market was 69.6 percent during the second quarter, up 44.1 percent from the first quarter of this year.

Apple shipped 17 million iPads in total, compared to Samsung’s 2.25 million units shipped and Amazon’s 1.02 million units shipped. Samsung’s share of the tablet market was just 9.2 percent, up 2.8 percent from the first quarter of this year. Amazon’s tablet share was just 4.2 percent, down 13.3 percent overall. ASUS and Barnes & Noble pulled up the rear with a 2.8 percent share and a 1.9 percent share of the global tablet market, respectively. It doesn’t look like Apple’s dominance will change anytime soon, either.

“Apple is making all the right moves to rebuild its dominant position in the tablet space,” Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet and monitor research for IHS said. “With the expected entrance of the 7-inch version of the iPad in September, Apple is sending a clear message that it plans to dominate this market over the long term. Apple’s major media tablet rivals, Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp., hope to challenge Apple in the second half of the year, but will be facing formidable headwinds with no sign that the market leader is backing off of its aggressive strategy in the market.”

Apple’s success is largely attributed to the iPad brand and its identity in the global tablet market, something that other device makers have struggled with. iSuppli also said that satisfied iPad owners return to the iPad for their next purchase, too. “Vendors must understand that customers are not buying hardware, but that they are buying an experience,” Alexander said. “Users then want to carry that experience across multiple devices, creating an opening for the savvy vendor into a much larger sales opportunity than a single tablet.”


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