How to Buy a Nexus 7 in Malaysia



Ever since Google launched the Nexus 7 in Google I/O 2012, every Malaysian has been searching high and low for a way to purchase the Nexus 7 , and for a reasonable price at that. Because of that I’ve tried my best to search through the internet and all the online stores to try and find possible ways for us to get our hands on Google’s latest and greatest.


IPMart has been one of the fastest local resellers to offer the Nexus 7 , priced at RM949 for the 8GB version and RM1149 for the 16GB version. Yes , this might be RM300 more than the RRP price from the Play Store, but its the only option that ships fast and the only store locally selling it. I have gotten confirmation from Google Malaysia that they have no immediate plans to release the Nexus 7 here yet, so this may be a viable option. You have an option to pay either by Bank In, Credit Card , PayPal or even Cash On Delivery ( select States). Click here for more details.

Negri Electronics

Negri Electronics is well known for offering all the latest devices the fastest and they ship internationally – including Malaysia! The 8Gb version is RM780 and the 16GB model is RM1000 . It is slightly cheaper than IPMart, but when you take into account the shipping costs and delivery time, it comes up to the same. More info here.

Google Play Store

This is the cheapest but hardest option, as it requires you to ship to a US address, and have your friend ship it to you. You have the advantage of buying it with the RRP price of $199 / @249 but it’s quite troublesome to find a friend who is willing to go through the trouble to ship it to you. You will also have to get your friend in the US to purhase it for you, as the Play Store website isn’t accessible from Malaysia.

I hope these options certainly help you to get your hands on the much coveted Nexus 7 . We ourselves are working on purchasing one and we’ll definitely review the device when we get it. Stay tuned.



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10 thoughts on “How to Buy a Nexus 7 in Malaysia

  1. Anyone already bought Nexus 7 from Is it a safe store? I guess fake Nexus from China are not on the market yet.

    • Hi you can try contacting them to verify the authenticity of it. I have personally contacted them about the Nexus 7 and they replied instantly so I don’t think they are fraud. Cheers 🙂

      • Maybe I will try ipmart after next weeks holidays. Payment on delivery sounds good to me. I will post the result!

  2. OK, I am already writing from my new Nexus7. Ordered at impart, cash on delivery. Everything OK, Nexus Box original sealed. Impart is safe, especially when you pay on delivery.
    Greetings, Thomas

  3. For 16GB with cash on delivery I paid RM 1.105,60. Delivery was on the next day after ordering. The Tablets are already in KL on stock (imported from USA). Ipmart will have cases for this tablet within the next 10 days. I am really impressed how fast this Quadcore is, wow. Good tablet! You will love it.

  4. There’s this shop in SS14 (near Secret Recipe) that sells this for RM899 (8GB) and RM999 (16GB). They also have installment plans (selected banks). It’s pretty hidden so you’ve got to search well. mostly people I see hanging around there are technofiles so you can ask them all sorts of things related.

    • The price mentioned by gadget4sale above seems afordable too. Notice that they are selling kindle fire HD and nook HD as well. Gonna get one for my Christmas this year. Yay!

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