[ROOT] CyanogenMOD 9 stable release available for all supported devices


CyanogenMod logo

So, have you been rocking the stock version of ICS courtesy of CyanogenMod , but have yet to make it your daily driver due to stability issues? Fear not, as the folks at Cyanogen have finally released the stable version of its ICS based CM9. The build is available for all CM9 supported devices right now, from the Galaxy Nexus all the way to the Incredible 2. The latest release brings a new audio equalizer , OS Gesture Commands, and themes among other changes to the new stable build. Hit the link below to get the full rundown of devices and downloads, and of course if you’re in for some JellyBean totting CM10, you’ll have to wait much longer for a stable release.

CyanogenMod 9


[Root] Jelly Bean boot animation available for download now

As usual, after Google drops the source code of any new Android release, devs get cracking with the new OS to pull new features and tweaks. We’ve already brought you the wallpapers from Jelly Bean, and now here’s the whole Boot Animation file extracted from Jelly Bean, available for all rooted users. The file is available as a zip and can be flashed from recovery. Bear in mind , that this will mean voiding your warranty and risk bricking, so please do a nandroid backup before trying anything. Download it directly from here .

For those curious about how it’ll look like, here’s a video of the animation running on a Galaxy Nexus from Google I/O. Take note that the animation for the Galaxy Nexus is different from the Nexus 7 .