iPhone 5 Announced: Thinner, Lighter, Faster.


After all the rumours and painfully long waits, Apple has finally launched their latest flagship, the iPhone 5, during the September 12 event scheduled earlier. The released product met with a number of leaks and rumours, even the design. However, the iPhone wasn’t the only star of the show. Apple also took the opportunity to unveil new versions of its iPod lineup, the Nano, Shuffle, and of course the Touch.
The latest iPhone 5 comes with an all new processor, the A6. Apple quotes it to be two times faster than the A5X on the new iPad, paired with a quad cored graphics chip. Apple did not disclose clock speeds and core numbers, but many believe it to be an overclocked dual core chip, with the latest Arm 15 architecture, beating Samsung and Qualcomm to releasing Krait.

The biggest talk however is the new 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5, upgraded from 3.5 inches from every previous iPhone. The resolution has also been bumped up to retain Retina status, and is now a 1130 x 640 display with an almost 16:9 ratio. Older apps will be letterboxed until they are updated to support the new display ratio. There will now be 5 rows of icons to accommodate the new real estate.

A long with that, a few other features will surely whet Apple fan boys. The front camera is now  Facetime HD, capable of 720p recording. The back camera, surprisingly, has not been changed from the iPhone 4S, with only software improvements made to enhance photo taking. Apple also took the chance to unveil new headphones, dubbed EarPort. Apple also unveiled the much leaked new charging and data transfer port, Lightning. It’s a new 8 pin dock, trimmed down from the 30 pin original from 9 years back. Pricing starts at $199 for 16GB model


As for the iPod, the Touch is now 4″ with the A6 cpu, and it’s all new design is 6mm thin with a fully colourful aluminium backing. Now you have a variety of colours for the iPod touch. Pricing is $299 for the 32GB and $399 for the 64GB model.

The new iPod Nano comes with an all new 2.5″ touch display with home button and the Lightning port, but it doesn’t run on iOS. The new shuffle is essentially the same as the previous model except for more colour options.


HTC One V Review

2012 is the year of the quad – core smartphones , dubbed “superphones” . All the OEM’s are moving with new flagships and their own respective series. Samsung with their Galaxy and the S3 at its helm, and LG’s Optimus series. HTC had a shaky year last year, with the Sensation line failing to ward of all the die – hard S2 fans. This year, they’re looking to mimic what they did in 2010 with the Desire, which won the hearts of everyone. This year is the year of the ONE , and HTC ‘s got 3 very capable Ones to do that job. The One X is their flagship superphone, followed by the dual – core One S, which still tugs along as fast as that Quad Core brother, with better battery life. That leaves us with the third , and youngest member of the One family , the ONE V. A single core , 5Mp sporting phone running on the latest Android with Sense 4 on top, and a RM999 price tag, where exactly does the One V fit in today’s power hungry crowd? Will it be the new benchmark for sub-RM1000 phones? Can Ice Cream Sandwich be enough to justify this guy? Read on to find out our verdict of the HTC One V .

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Nokia Lumia 900 spotted at Nokia Centres. Coming Soon?

Despite launching the Lumia 800 , Nokia hasn’t raked in big sales because everyone is awaiting their flasghip model , the Lumia 900. While Nokia has not made any official announcements of its availability and pricing, the Lumia was spotted in several Nokia Stores sporting the “Coming Soon” sign.A blogger at Amanz has even said that there’s a working unit the Nokia Store Bukit Tinggi in Klang.

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[Leaked] Maxis Galaxy SIII Promotion

Maxis Samsung Galaxy SIII Promo Banner

Source: Lowyat.Net

Surprise, surprise! Looks’s like Maxis is going to offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 after all. This poster was leaked online today with the promo period slated for 31 May- 3 June. This leads us to believe it may be fake because Maxis hasnt made any official announcements even though it starts tomorrow. Nevertheless, the banner looks extremely legit and the pricing is as predicted.

The offer states that Maxis users can get the Nature Inspired smartphone for a cool RM999 on a 3GB plan at RM68 per month for 24 months which is aligned somewhat with the DiGi Smart Plan 88 deal. , it comes with 25GB of LOKER storage, coupled with the 50GB DROPBOX storage offered by Samsung. That’s a whopping 75GB of cloud storage in your hands, plus the Galaxy S3 is expandable up to 32GB of SD storage. 100GB of storage isn’t too shabby, event for the heaviest of users. For postpaid customers who have been with Maxis for less than a year, you will need an advance payment of RM900 and that amount will be credited back to your account immediately.  Curiously , there only seems to be a white option which adds more weight to the rumour of the Pebble Blue S3 having manufacturing issues.

As always stay tuned for more info and official announcements!