iPhone 5 Announced: Thinner, Lighter, Faster.


After all the rumours and painfully long waits, Apple has finally launched their latest flagship, the iPhone 5, during the September 12 event scheduled earlier. The released product met with a number of leaks and rumours, even the design. However, the iPhone wasn’t the only star of the show. Apple also took the opportunity to unveil new versions of its iPod lineup, the Nano, Shuffle, and of course the Touch.
The latest iPhone 5 comes with an all new processor, the A6. Apple quotes it to be two times faster than the A5X on the new iPad, paired with a quad cored graphics chip. Apple did not disclose clock speeds and core numbers, but many believe it to be an overclocked dual core chip, with the latest Arm 15 architecture, beating Samsung and Qualcomm to releasing Krait.

The biggest talk however is the new 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5, upgraded from 3.5 inches from every previous iPhone. The resolution has also been bumped up to retain Retina status, and is now a 1130 x 640 display with an almost 16:9 ratio. Older apps will be letterboxed until they are updated to support the new display ratio. There will now be 5 rows of icons to accommodate the new real estate.

A long with that, a few other features will surely whet Apple fan boys. The front camera is now  Facetime HD, capable of 720p recording. The back camera, surprisingly, has not been changed from the iPhone 4S, with only software improvements made to enhance photo taking. Apple also took the chance to unveil new headphones, dubbed EarPort. Apple also unveiled the much leaked new charging and data transfer port, Lightning. It’s a new 8 pin dock, trimmed down from the 30 pin original from 9 years back. Pricing starts at $199 for 16GB model


As for the iPod, the Touch is now 4″ with the A6 cpu, and it’s all new design is 6mm thin with a fully colourful aluminium backing. Now you have a variety of colours for the iPod touch. Pricing is $299 for the 32GB and $399 for the 64GB model.

The new iPod Nano comes with an all new 2.5″ touch display with home button and the Lightning port, but it doesn’t run on iOS. The new shuffle is essentially the same as the previous model except for more colour options.


[RUMOUR]The iPhone 5, iPad mini & Next-Gen iPod nano Will Be Unveiled On September 12, 2012

The iPhone 5, iPad mini & Next-Gen iPod nano Will Be Unveiled On September 12, 2012 [Rumor]

September 21, 2012 is looking increasingly likely as the release date for the next-gen iPhone and upcoming iPad mini, as a new report from a trusted site pegs the date.

According to a report from Rene Richie at  iMore, sources tell them that Apple will debut the new iPhone on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, releasing it nine days later on Friday the 21st.

We’ve heard this date repeated independently three times by three different sites now, so it’s starting to look like there’s some fire accompanying the smoke.

Over the last couple of years, Apple has tended to release new iOS devices nine or ten days after they have been announced, so these two dates make internal sense. The only question is whether or not Apple would release a new iPhone before October, which is when they launched the iPhone 4S.

I think there’s a strong argument that they will. The Q3 2012 earnings call made it clear that sales of the iPhone 4S are starting to stall as more and more customers hold off and wait for the iPhone 5. Releasing the iPhone 5 in September instead of October lets Apple put iPhone 5 launch sales on its fiscal Q4 2012 earnings sheet, as well as give people more time to buy the device before Christmas.

As for the iPad mini, iMore says that they’re hearing it will be released at the same event, and will be exactly like the 9.7-inch iPad, except scaled down to 7.85-inches. They also hear that all new iOS devices will get a 19-pin dock connector.

iOS App Of The Week For July 11, 2012

Every week, we will handpick an app from the past seven days that we believe is a must-download for your iPhone or iPad. These apps will always be from various categories, but they are chosen because our own staff members love it and have been using them daily. So here are this week’s picks! Enjoy!


Create beautiful framed pictures with Layout, our App of the Week.

Our App of the Week is Layout, which will definitely appeal to anyone that loves to frame their photos, such as with Diptic and PicFrame.

With Layout, users are able to arrange their photos in a grid, and the photos can be imported from you Photo Library, Facebook, Instagram, and even Flickr. Enhance your images with the built-in filters and effects to truly make your images stand out from the crowd. For even more customization, you can adjust the saturation and contrast, or even add some fun stickers and captions — these are great for cute family photos.

When your piece is done, you are able to share your Layout with friends and family through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Layout also features iCloud sync, so you can store your projects and work on them from different devices — pretty nifty, right?

For $2.99, this is a great buy, and our staff has been loving this app! So make sure to try it out for yourself.

Twitter for iPhone and Android updated with expanded tweets, events, improved search & notifications

twitter android new


Twitter for iPhone and Android have been updated with some new features (as well as the new Twitter bird).

Expanded tweets adds several new partners as media sources to the app just like on web. This allows you to expand more tweets on the apps to get more content. For example tweets from sites such as Vimeo and Etsy will expand to show videos or images.

Events can now be discovered in the new app, events such as twitter.com/#NASCAR on your iPhone.

Search has seen some major improvements so you will receive more suggestions when searching people by both real name and @usernames.

Notifications has also been improved. You can now get notifications from people you follow when they send a tweet or retweet. This really helps you keep on top of particular users.

10 iOS Only Games

It’s about time to download some awesome new and all-time-favorite games from the App Store! Well, we have even more cool ones in store for you below. What’s more exciting about this is that these are the iOS-exclusive games that can only be found on the Apple platform (at least for now). So, if you just got a new iOS device and you wanna show your friends some cool games, this is it.


This awesome 5 star game earned our top spot! Help Snoticles battle against Blots, a weird-slimey-looking enemy. Each Snoticles has its own unique ability, and solve each game with Angry Birds-like mechanics! Super addictive! The new update comes with more than 50 levels to play along the ride!



Looking for a Pokémon fix on iPhone? There you go. Train your monster, finish the mission and earn perks and achievements as you go! Even capture some wild ones as you dive in the adventure. Feed, pat and treat your monster as if it was your real pet! If you haven’t read our review, make sure you do!

Home Sheep Home 2

I find it amusing when Chillingo (the parent company of Angry Birds) didn’t release this game on other platform. Nevertheless, if you happen to watch and love Shaun the Sheep on Disney Channel, you’ll love this game. Join Shaun and his friends as they journey along 40 levels of caverns, and evade the guards! Use each sheep’s unique abilities at its potential to win!

Tap The Frog 2

Following the success of the original Tap The Frog, version 2 contains loads of exciting new challenges. Help him rise through the ranks to become a Frog King, and possibly earned his sweetheart (aww). Simply make the frog jump, paint, and pop each mission and bash away your thumbs and fingers! Even replay each level as many times as you’d like to get more stars! Addictive!

Batman Arkham City Lockdown

While not exactly new, each update delivers truckloads of new stuff you should put your hands on. Using the same engine that brought you Infinity Blade II, fight the enemies along the way with simple swipe, dodge, jumps and defends completely similar to the original Unreal iOS game! Choose from several Batman skins and powerups to achieve maximum pleasure!

Woody Woodpecker

Just don’t get annoyed by its voice, brace yourself for the hilarious racing game of all time! Pick among 5 Woody Woodpecker characters, ride those slopes, and gain momentum with just a tap to produce a rocket-high flying adventure! Each character has their own abilities such as acceleration, top speed and powerups. Very easy game for some minute to kill.

Bike Baron

With over 300 crazy challenges to tackle on, there’s no shortage of fun as you speed up your bike along the ridiculously-looking circuit and earn coins and achievement as you finish each mission! You can even create custom levels and share it with everyone! This is what happens when you put the developers of Minigore and Angry Birds’ composer in the same seat: pure magic!

Rage HD

While there’s a separate SD version of the game, there’s no reason to deny this console-like game in pure HD. This intense first-person shooter puts you in a game show called Mutant Bash TV; as in killing mutants, pick ammos and cash to win. While the level is pretty much limited to Easy, Medium and Hard, there’s no reason not to play this game on your downtime!

The Creeps

An all-time-favorite tower-defense game sets you in the world where there are Creeps living in your closet! Defeat the (weird) things that bump in the night with blasters, glue bottles, flashlights and boomerangs! Now the update comes with boatload of new levels to play, so if you’re into some soft of tower-defense game (in this case, defend the kids’ bed), you’ll love this one.


A hauntingly-beautiful game, oh wait, it’s not a game: it’s an immersive interactive experience, an explorable novel that makes you the character. Help Wilson reconstructing the past via the Dreamscape of his memories, and reveal buried secrets and mysteries along the way. Recommended with a headphones on, solve each piece thoughtfully as you progresses the game. [Not recommended for iPod touch, iPhone 3GS, and first generation iPad]


[Leaked] First BlackBerry 10 device leaks: Touchscreen L-series and QWERTY N-series

Details emerge of first BlackBerry 10 devices touchscreen L and QWERTY N series

With RIM already giving a glimpse of what’s to come with the future of their platform with Blackberry 10, everyone’s mouth’s been watering to see what RIM has devices RIM has to offer with BB10. According to reputable site N4BB, RIM has two models in store – the fully touchscreen L-Series and Blackberry’s trademark QWERTY bearing models, the N-series.

The L-series models will sport a 1280 x 720 HD OLED screen , which cranks out 350 pixels per inch, beating your Retina sporting friends. The N – series is for all the BlackBerry fans who can never move away from their trademark QWERTY keyboard, which we admit , is still the best compared to any other brands. Originally leaked with the codename Nevada , the N models sport 720 x 720 displays instead , which still manages to beat the Retina display at 330 ppi. Very impressive from RIM , and judging from the resolution , the N series wil have square displays, instead of rectangular ones. N4BB’s sources state that the L – series will hit store shelves in September first, followed by the N series which is expected to be launched sometime in Q1 2013.

Although some may argue that this time frame is bad for marketing, we personally feel there’s no problem with the proposed launch window. The L series may raise some eyebrows as it faces stiff competition from the likes of Android and even iOS. But the N actually doesn’t have any direct competition. Anybody looking for a solid QWERTY device will never deny the fruit-named device. Stay tuned to CrackTech for the latest updates.

[Official] Maxis One Club Promo : The New iPad from only RM699!

Maxis are really pushing their One Club membership for their power users. After unveiling their new iPad plans, they have released this promotion for One Members. The plan is exclusive to One Club members who sign up for 12GB plan over 24 months for RM108/month. That’s RM300 less than Maxis’ normal offering for normal customers. Additionally , you also get a few eBooks free from the exclusive Maxis App. The offer is only valid until 30 June 2012 so make sure you sign up fast.

Check here to see if you’re eligible for One membership.  Keep it locked to CrackTech.