Potential Samsung Galaxy Note 2 bezel Leaked Images


Here’s an image purporting to be of the Galaxy Note 2’s bezel, and if it’s a fake, it’s a very good one. Taken by a (sharper-than-usual) blurrycam snapper wearing factory-style dust booties, the hardware suggests a chunky, squared-off design for the second-generation phablet that rejects the Galaxy S III’smore curvaceous body. The ruler draped from corner-to-corner jibes with earlier rumors that it would have a slightly expanded 5.5-inch canvas for your S-Pen fun.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Goes for sale Worldwide This month

Samsung has at long last made the release of its Galaxy Note 10.1 official, promising to have the stylus-equipped Android tablet on store shelves “globally” by the end of this month. Equipped with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, the Note 10.1 offers a fine spec upgrade over Samsung’s previous 10-inch tablet efforts, while also expanding the Note lineup in form factor from the original Galaxy Note’s 5.3-inch dimensions. In terms of connectivity, you’ll get a choice of Wi-Fi-only, Wi-Fi plus 21Mbps HSPA+ 3G, or Wi-Fi plus LTE, with the 4G-capable model coming a little later in the year.


Comparing Apple iPhone 4s vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

apple-iphone-4s_vs_samsung-galaxy-SIIIComparing two high end phones like these can be a tricky one so it’s a good idea to be as constructive as possible on the functions. When looking at functions, the foremost ones are video capture, still image sharpness and memory.

Physical Comparisons of Apple iPhone 4s vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III can be wirelessly charged so without plugs and wires. You can of course use a standard USB cable. The Samsung has much more battery power and is removable. The Samsung Galaxy is much lighter in weight and thinner so ergonomically more suitable.

The screen size is bigger than the iPhone 4s. Though users tend to forego the screen size in favour of storage capacity and the iPhone 4s offers 48.0 GB more storage.

Top Photo and Video Feature Comparisons of Apple iPhone 4s vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

There are traces of noise on still images with Samsung Galaxy S III being the slightly sharper candidate. Though, bear in mind, this is not a comparison to HTC One models here, but between two top phone models.

The Samsung has more mega pixels on the camera, 6.3x more and offers 1.5x higher screen resolution. That said, the iPhone 4s offers a dedicated camera button allowing you to snap photos easily.

The Samsung phone uses a technique called ghosting to compensate for a reduction in sharpness. The iphone lacks that effect. The iphone 4s handles white balance better than the Samsung’s denser colour saturation which produces a wider range of vibrant contrasting colours.

The iPhone 4s seems to be best at dealing with low light photos, and also when no flash is used. Such low light photos look more blurred but with much less noise than previous models.

In a nutshell, it should be noted that the Samsung produces sharper images than the iPhone 4s. A video captured on the Samsung phone can be watched on a HDTV through the HDMI input. Downloads are much faster on the Samsung model. Samsung Users can access Adobe Flash in the phone browser.

Both phones produce high quality 1080p HD video. Video footage appears to look lossless for exporting to your video editor on both phones.

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Galaxy S3 Premium Edition Olympic Inspired Accessories Launched

I’m fairly sure that most in the mobile space are aware that the latest Android handset from the Samsung camp, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the official handset of the London 2012 Olympics, and a limited edition Galaxy S3 will be given to Olympic athletes sporting the Visa payWave app.

According to an article over on Pocket Droid, by way of ePrice, Du Weiyu, the general manager of Samsung’s mobile phone division, along with Chunghwa Telecom has announced a collection of premium edition accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Taiwan.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 premium edition accessories pack has been inspired by the 2012 Olympics, and includes three Samsung Galaxy S3 holders sporting an Olympic figurine depicting a weightlifter, Taekwondo and a cyclist, whilst the bases depict the Union Jack flag.

There is also a Galaxy S3 back cover that sports a faceless British Guardsman, along with a mini Guard that can be placed into the 3.5mm jack on the Samsung Galaxy S3 handset, just for decoration of course, and there is a wallpaper of that faceless British Guardsman available to download via Samsung Apps.

However just how much the Samsung Galaxy S3 premium edition Olympics inspired accessories pack commands isn’t know other than the Galaxy S3 British Guardsman back cover costs 299 Taiwan dollars, which is roughly 10 US bucks.


Galaxy S3 Crushing Apple’s iPhone In Global Market Sales


The Samsung Galaxy S3’s release has seen the Korean-based company extend the gap against Apple and Nokia in the global smartphone sales market. Thanks to the amazingly popular launch of Samsung’s next generation landmark Galaxy S device the company had huge second quarter sales.

Samsung and Apple have been fighting it out in the smartphone sales war for years, and the battle has even resulted in numerous patent lawsuits being filed throughout the world as the two tech giants look to stumble each other up in different regions.

However, thanks for Samsung’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in May, the company has excelled in the sales department across the globe. According to a survey of 41 analysts Samsung is estimated to have sold 50 million smartphone devices in the second quarter of 2012 compared to  Apple’s 30.5 million sales for its infamous iPhone devices.

Samsung has numerous smartphones out on the market and optimizes the Android operating system for its leading smartphones. However, Apple’s core smartphone sales come through just the iPhone 4S, which was released in 2011, and the iPhone 4, which is a year older on the market.

Nokia had reigned at the top of the pile in global smartphone market sales for a massive 14 years previously, but they are now falling behind fast, and both Samsung and Apple are constantly eating away at consumers choosing Nokia.

The impressive sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has sparked rumors that Apple is now looking to bring forward its release date for its next generation smartphone, the iPhone 5. It is now believed the device could be released as early as August, although other analysts have suggested a September or October release date is still more likely on the cards. When the iPhone 5 is released it is predicted Apple will see a huge rise in sales that could match if not beat Samsung’s Galaxy S3 demand.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Packed With Multimedia Features

Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest and greatest smartphone from the popular Korean manufacturer. It boasts some of the best smartphone technology out there, particularly in terms of its multimedia credentials. As this is an increasingly common use for smartphone, in this article I will take a closer look at the multimedia features of the device.

The Galaxy S3 is known for having one of the best touchscreens of any smartphone currently available. Measuring 4.8 inches it is ideally suited to watching movies and playing games. Also with its HD Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display quality is top notch, and enhanced further by its HD resolution of 720x 1280 with a pixel density of 306ppi.

The processor is also important for the multimedia experience on any smartphone. With a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, the Galaxy S3 is among the most powerful smartphones in the world and one of only a small number of phones to boast this feature. Although this is an often overlooked feature, the processor makes a massive difference to the multimedia experience. The processor is responsible for many parts of the phone’s performance, but in terms of multimedia, it ensures that graphics run smoothly when playing games, and if there is a lot of action happening on the screen at a fast pace, with a lot of light and colour, a lesser processor may not deliver the same results as it would judder and buffer to cope with the increased workload.

The Galaxy S3 is a fine example of the multimedia download services available on smartphones. Google Play (previously known as Android Market is where you will find a vast library of applications and games, and Samsung Games Hub allows you to download premium games titles which are specifically optimised for the Galaxy S3. These even include some well known console titles like from the likes of EA and Activision with popular titles including Need For Speed and Call Of Duty.

The Galaxy S3 offers a number of different options for sharing multimedia content between compatible devices. S-Beam and AllShare cast allow you to wirelessly share files like movies and music tracks between devices, while a specially developed Samsung HDMI receiver allows you to mirror the content of the phone’s screen onto a compatible TV in real time.

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers an impressive package of multimedia features, making it one of the best handsets for this kind of user.



Being one of the well-known measurement technology and social platform for runners, it is needless to say thatNike+ is very popular among tech-savvy runners. However, the Nike+ technology are limited to Apple products (outside of individual Nike+ products, that is) such as iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPhone…until today.

The global sportswear giant has now extended its Nike+ technology to Android-based devices with the newNike+ Running App for Android. Available for free at Google Play, the new app offers runners with Android devices all the goodness of Nike+ that Apple users have been enjoying for quite some time such as tracking their runs with smartphones, sharing the stats on Twitter or Facebook, comparing their stats with fellow Nike+ users and more.

Meanwhile, Nike has also refreshed the iOS version of the app – formerly known as Nike+ GPS – with the new UI that reflects the platform’s newly redesigned web interface at NikePlus.com. The new Nike+ Running App for iOS is now available for free and can be downloaded in iTunes.