Potential Samsung Galaxy Note 2 bezel Leaked Images


Here’s an image purporting to be of the Galaxy Note 2’s bezel, and if it’s a fake, it’s a very good one. Taken by a (sharper-than-usual) blurrycam snapper wearing factory-style dust booties, the hardware suggests a chunky, squared-off design for the second-generation phablet that rejects the Galaxy S III’smore curvaceous body. The ruler draped from corner-to-corner jibes with earlier rumors that it would have a slightly expanded 5.5-inch canvas for your S-Pen fun.


iOS 6 Jailbreak Now Available

iOS 6 on iPhone 4S / iPhone 4


The iPhone Dev Team announced on Tuesday that it had already jailbroken iOS 6 and now it’s available for download. As the group originally noted, the redsn0w 0.9.13dev1 doesn’t offer support for Cydia and you’ll need to use SSH to get down into your file system. The jailbreak is available for the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPhone 3GS and requires tethering. We’d recommend you wait it out for an untethered version with full Cydia support, the Dev Team even calls for “developers only,” so install at your own risk.


iOS 6 Hands-On: We Take a Tour of Some New Features

Apple’s new iOS 6 is an exciting new frontier for iPhone owners. No, the company didn’t introduce widgets, or a new launcher, or even a new way to multitask. What the company did do, however, is introduce a more capable SiriFaceTime over 3G, new Maps, better Mail and a host of other, smaller refinements. iOS 6 is without a doubt an evolution, and not a revolution, as has been the case for the past few years. But the experience is still one of the best on the market, even if other competitors are ahead in the mobile game.

Smarter Siri sports iOS 6

Smarter Siri

Siri is now capable of tasks beyond setting alarms and reminders, or texting mom or dad. Finally, Apple’s voice assistant can do things like find scores to the baseball game, make restaurant reservations and look up movie times. These are simple tasks for you and I to perform, yes, but having a digital entity do it for you is pretty darn convenient. She acted up a bit in our brief iOS 6 testing, however; when asked about the Thunder vs. Heat game, Siri gave us a week old Celtics score. Twice. Does the Apple camp secretly have a vendetta against the east coast team? Still, she excelled when asking player stats and team schedules. That right there is a dream come true for those who participate in fantasy sports.

Facebook integration iOS 6

Facebook Integration

Ugh, finally. Now the world’s biggest social network is deeply integrated into the market’s most accessible mobile OS. It was only a matter of time after Twitter was engulfed by the Cupertino machine. Now, just like Twitter, you can directly link your iOS device to your Facebook account — and sync up your contact list — making sharing that much easier. What’s really great is that you can do so right from Camera or Photos, and other apps like Maps, Game Center, and Notification Center. If you want even more convenience, you can have Siri update your status for you. “I am using iOS 6.”

VIP Email iOS 6

VIP Email

Who in your life is a VIP? In iOS 6, you can easily set a VIP Mail list so important message aren’t missed. Stuff from your boss, husband/wife or best friend studying abroad, and since VIP inbox is iCloud enabled, everything will be in sync across your iOS devices.

We’ve had a few good days of alone time with Apple’s new magnum opus, and we have to say that iOS 6 has thus far been pretty solid — no hiccups or crashes. All of the additions are smart, and definitely makes the experience even easier. We’re very interested to see just how useful (new) Siri will be after more extended use along with the company’s new Passbook app. Obviously this is just a beta, and we only highlighted a few new features, but so far we really like where Apple is headed.


Teardown of Retina MacBook Pro Finds Low Repairability with Custom Components

Following yesterday’s teaser teardown of the updated MacBook Air, iFixit has now given Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pro the same treatment.

Apple of course showed off a fair bit of the machines internals during the keynote in order to promote all of the innovations included inside, but iFixit’s teardown still provides an interesting hands-on look at the internals.

Unsurprisingly, the Retina MacBook Pro is not designed to be user-accessible, with the slim form factor requiring a number of proprietary components that are designed and assembled for maximum space efficiency rather than upgradeability and repairability. This has resulted in iFixit dubbing the machine “the least repairable laptop we’ve taken apart”.

Taking a number of cues from the MacBook Air, the new MacBook Air uses RAM soldered directly onto the logic board, as well as custom solid-state drives that include a new connector incompatible with existing third-party drives on the market.

Front of Retina MacBook Pro logic board with CPU (red), NVIDIA graphics (orange), and RAM (green)
Apple has even taken to gluing the large battery into the body of the Retina MacBook Pro, with iFixit ultimately giving up on trying to remove it for fear of puncturing a battery cell. The glued-in battery pack also covers the trackpad cable, making it nearly inaccessible and susceptible to damage if users attempt to remove the battery.

Otherwise, the internals of the Retina MacBook Pro are fairly straightforward, with a large and densely-packed logic board with left-side ports integrated, a separate I/O board for the right-side ports, the asymmetric fan touted by Apple, and custom speaker assemblies.


Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s already few days since the most anticipated Android smartphone ever, the Galaxy S3 is released so we wanted to compare it with its famous predecessor, the Galaxy S2.

Galaxy S2 vs Galaxy S3

There is no doubt that the Galaxy S2 last year revolutionized Android and smartphone market in general. It had the best display, processor, and camera at that time and it bring smartphones in the whole new level. The Galaxy S2 also gave 2nd life for Android platform in general by introducing radically improved TouchWiz interface. Comparing the Galaxy S3 with Galaxy S2 is not fair as the S3 is completely new smartphone with improved specs but I still want to point out the main things Samsung has done over this past year to impress gadget and performance geeks. Read on for the complete head to head battle

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Exclusive: First Pictures of the Motorola DROID RAZR HD


Say “Hello” to the DROID RAZR HD by Motorola. As you can see from the back plate, it’s definitely headed to Verizon and their ever-expanding 4G LTE network. While it maintains a bit of the RAZR look of last year, the back plate is now full kevlar without the extra rim of plastic around it. The camera (likely 13MP) has been centered in the middle with flash and speaker on each side. From the picture below, you can see that there isn’t much of a hump left and that is thought to be because of the 3300mAh battery that Moto has included inside. Our source claims that the screen is “amazing” and that the phone also has the expected on-screen navigation keys. They were not able to confirm the processor, which is thought to be Qualcomm’s 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4, but we would be surprised if it was something else.

What’s interesting is the move from Motorola to put the micro HDMI and USB ports on the bottom side of the device again, similarly to what we saw from multiple devices like the Bionic and DROID X/X2. In the RAZR, they switched it up a bit and put both ports on the top of the device, something I admittedly was not a fan of. So, thank you to Moto for righting that wrong.

We still do not have a release date, but we are hearing we could be up to 2 months out. Other sources of ours have said that this phone would arrive late summer, so this would at least match up to that time frame.


[How To] Move Your iPhoto Library To An External Drive To Save Space [OS X]

Most of us have considered moving out iTunes library to an external hard drive to save space at one time or another. If you use a MacBook Air, you know how squeezzed for space you can feel after using a laptop with a much bigger hard drive.

But what about iPhoto? True, pictures take up less space than iTunes videos, or even MP3 tracks, but more and more these days we’re taking photos with huge pixel counts with similarly large file sizes. And what about all the movies we use our iPhones or cameras for? They eat up a lot of space, too. So, you might at some point want to move all the photos and home movies you manage in iPhoto to an external drive to save space. Here’s how.

The first thing to do is to move the iPhoto Library itself. Be sure you have the external hard drive you want to put your iPhoto Library and files on is connected. Then, open your home folder, then the Pictures folder within. Find the iPhoto Library package, and click once on it to select it. Move the selected package file with Cut from the Edit menu, or drag and drop it to an external hard drive. If you choose to cut/paste the file, paste it onto the external hard drive. This could take some time, depending on how many photos and/or videos you have in there.

Next up, you just have to tell iPhoto where the Library is. Hold the Option key down and launch iPhoto, either with a double click on the Application in the Applications folder or a click on the icon in the Dock, if you keep iPhoto there. iPhoto will display a list of currently installed iPhoto Libraries. If you see the one you moved in the list, click on it. If not, click on Other Library and navigate to the spot on your external hard drive that you put the iPhoto Library from the steps above. Hit the Choose button to complete the process.

It might take a couple of seconds for iPhoto to figure this out, but once it’s all done, you’ll be able to open iPhoto as per usual in the future, without having to choose the library again. To put it back on your Mac, simply do the same steps above, and then point iPhoto to the new location on your Hard Drive.