Hello Everyone!

Hey everyone! Its TheGadgetGuy!

Well , this is actually the first post on the site so if your seeing this , congratz , you’re one of the first few people to see the site! Of course its new, so it will be going through some major changes in the next few weeks as i finalize some options and preferences. I created this blog because I have a passion for Tech. I love anything and everything tech . Phones , Tablets, PCs , Game Consoles , TVs ,etc. Name it I love it. I also have a special loving for Android. Im an Android developer and I’m also picking up ┬áiOS development.

What is this site for anyway?

Well , this site is purely a tech site. Its based in Malaysia , so its kind of a Malaysian Tech site. Were certainly lacking in quality sites , so i created this site to promote tech in my country. But of course , were going to be covering news from all over the world! Meaning were going to be giving updates and news on everything tech. We’ll publish stories as we get them and we are also going to be doing APP REVIEWS! Yes , every week , we will review a game/app for either iOS / Android. We hope everyone’s looking forward to our updates and we too hope to hear from you guys. As I said, were just starting out and any suggestions/tips/help is greatly appreciated. We are also going to work with local companies to borrow REVIEW Units of devices. We are looking forward to reviewing phones/tablets/accessories.

Sincerely ,

Vishnuu Panickar